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    Future of Fun, LLC is a Virtual Reality Experience Company.

    We Create Immersive Content, Apps, Websites, and Entertainment .

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  • Immersive Media

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    360 Video

    360 Video

    You will receive a 1 minute 360 video for your commercial or personal use.
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    360 Photography

    360 Photography

    You will receive (10 ) 360 photographs for commercial or personal use.
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  • How we began

    Our Founder participated in a "Hackathon" at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab.   The Atlantic covered part of her journey.

  • Services we offer

    Content Creation

    Digital Media, Virtual Reality, and Immersive Media

    We create content for digital projects that include virtual reality, immersive media, and print.

    Software Development

    Branding, Web Design, Video, Photography, Social Media campaigns.

    We bring the good news of your great work to the masses using digital means. We craft campaigns, design your brand, and build excitement around your product or service.

    Marketing Solutions

    Let us Innovate your business or event with the latest communication technology.

    Virtual Reality Arcade

    Create memorable experiences by adding a Virtual Reality Arcade to your business or event.

  • Virtual Reality Experience

    What is Virtual Reality?

    Virtual Reality ( VR) is an experience in an immersive, interactive 3D computer-created world can be used for a corporate wellness program, entertainment, data visualization, alternative therapy, education, training, shopping, museum, and in the courtroom to help the jury visualize reconstructed events.

    360 Media

    360 Media is the future of photography, video. movies and television. 360 photos and video allows the consumer to be immersed in the media by being able to look around and see a 360 degree field of view. This technology has been used by the NFL, ESPN, all major award shows, for documentaries and films, entertainment, weddings, marketing, events, and tourism. Future of Fun also has the ability to Live Stream in 360.


    Web Design

    We are talented web designers and digital media managers. Let us improve your online image with an awesome website and engaging social media.


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  • Our Work

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    Website Creation, Branding, and Design

    We created Dr. Yetsa Tuakli's Website and Blog and will gladly help you too!

  • 360 photography and video for businesses and events

    .We help improve customer experience by using innovation in marketing and sales.

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